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    Programme Inception Report (July 2004)

    The Full Report (PDF - 1.4MB)

    Section 1: Introduction (PDF - 14KB)

    Section 2: Context and Programme Objectives (PDF - 80KB)

    Section 3: The Research Projects (PDF - 171KB)

    Section 4: Work Plan (PDF - 1.0MB)

    Section 5: The Role of the Local Authorities (PDF - 72KB)

    Section 6: Dissemination and Exploitation (PDF - 34KB)

    Section 7: Programme Management (PDF - 55KB)

    Section 8: References and Annexes (PDF - 84KB)

    Project A - Behaviour and Barriers

    Deliverable A1: Findings of the 'Phase 1' Survey on the Barriers to the Delivery of Sustainable Transport Solutions (February 2005)

    The Full Report (PDF - 1.7 MB)

    Executive Summary (PDF - 314 KB)

    Annex 1: Calculation and list of seriousness scores (PDF - 214 KB)

    Annex 2: Summary of text answers on barriers to delivery (PDF - 29 KB)

    Annex 3: List of Local Authorities taking party in the survey (PDF - 10 KB)

    Annex 4: List of DISTILLATE Project Managers (PDF - 5 KB)

    Annex 5: DISTILLATE Project A questionnaire of local transport planners (MS WORD - 2.6 MB)

    Deliverable A2: Interactions between policy sectors and constraints on cross-sector working in the delivery of Sustainable Urban Transport Solutions (August 2006)

    The Full Report (PDF - 1244 KB)

    Executive Summary (PDF - 209 KB)

    A2 Report Annexes (PDF - 400 KB)

    Deliverable A3: Findings of the 'Phase 3' Survey on the Barriers to the Delivery of Sustainable Transport Solutions (April 2008)

    The Full Report (PDF - 710KB)

    Project B - Option Generation

    Deliverable B1: Option Generation Literature Review (December 2005)

    The Full Report (PDF - 1.3 MB)

    Annexes (PDF - 2.1 MB)

    Project C - Indicators

    Deliverable C1: Sustainable Transport Indicators: Selection and Use (December 2005)

    Executive Summary (PDF - 76 KB)

    The Full Report (PDF - 534 KB)

    Deliverable C2: Measuring wider economic benefits of transport: A case study in good practice for indicator selection (March 2008)

    Executive Summary (PDF - 19 KB)

    The Full Report (PDF - 265 KB)

    Deliverable C3: Improving Monitoring and Reporting for Local Authorities: Lessons from the Transport Sector (March 2008)

    Executive Summary (PDF - 42 KB)

    The Full Report (PDF - 547 KB)

    Project D - Organisational Effectiveness

    Logical Framework Analysis (November 2006)

    Logical Framework Analysis (PDF - 119 KB)

    Deliverable D1: Understanding the Processes of Policy Delivery for Sustainable Urban Transport (March 2007)

    The Full Report (PDF - 1.4 MB)

    Deliverable D2: Understanding the Structure of Institutions Responsible for the Delivery for Sustainable Urban Transport (October 2006)

    The Full Report (PDF - 370 KB)

    Executive Summary (PDF - 38 KB)

    Project E - Funding

    Deliverable E1: Funding and Phasing of Transport Projects - Literature Review (December 2005)

    The Full Report (PDF - 434 KB)

    Project F - Modelling

    Deliverable F2: Review of modelling capabilities

    The Full Report (PDF - 574 KB)

    Appendix A: Issues in the modelling of Road User Charging (PDF - 418 KB)

    Appendix B: Review of Public Transport Models (PDF - 453 KB)

    Appendix C: Land use: development densities and mix (PDF - 139 KB)

    Appendix D: Encouraging public transport use through land use planning (PDF - 418 KB)

    Project G - Appraisal

    Deliverable G1: Enhanced Appraisal Tools (March 2007)

    Deliverable 1: Background (PDF - 800 KB)

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