Transport Photo -Traffic, Personal mobility and Trains
  • A - Behaviour and Barriers
  • B - Option Generation
  • C - Indicators
  • D - Organisational Effectiveness
  • E - Funding
  • F - Modelling
  • G - Appraisal
  • Projects

    DISTILLATE is divided up into seven projects which cover the range of different activities that are involved in the development of sustainable urban transport and land use strategies:

    Project A - Organisational Behaviour and Barriers

    Project B
    - Improved Tools for Option Generation

    Project C
    - Improved Indicators for Sustainable Transport & Planning

    Project D - Improved Effectiveness in Organisational Delivery

    Project E
    - Improved Mechanisms for Funding and Phasing of Implementation

    Project F - Enhanced Analytical Decision Support Tools

    Project G
    -Enhanced Appraisal Tools

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