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    DISTILLATE: Design and Implementation Support Tools for Integrated Local land Use, Transport and the Environment is one of 14 research programmes funded under the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s overarching research programme on the development of a Sustainable Urban Environment.

    The principal objective of DISTILLATE is to develop, through a focused, inter-disciplinary research programme, ways of overcoming the barriers to effective development and delivery of sustainable urban transport and land use strategies and, through them, enhanced quality of life.

    DISTILLATE is coordinated by the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds; its other research partners are the Centre for Environment and Planning at the University of the West of England, the Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) at University College London (UCL), the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Department of Mathematics at the University of York and TRL. More details of the partners....

    In addition there are fifteen local authority members who between them provide some 35 case studies. More details of the local authority partners...

    DISTILLATE is divided up into seven projects which cover the range of different activities that are involved in the development of sustainable urban transport and land use strategies. More details of the projects...


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