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    DISTILLATE European Dissemination Workshop

    Held at European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on 27th February 2008

    Introduction (Tony May, University of Leeds)

    The DISTILLATE surveys of local authority barriers and their implications (Angela Hull, Heriot Watt University)

    Development of Strategies (Peter Jones, University College London)

    Development of Schemes (Neil Paulley, TRL)

    Financing and Institutional Management (Charlotte Brannigan, TRL)

    Putting the DISTILLATE Products into Practice: A web-based decision support tool (Charlotte Brannigan, TRL)

    DISTILLATE UK Dissemination Workshop

    Held at Department for Transport on 22nd January 2008

    Introduction (Tony May, University of Leeds)

    The DISTILLATE surveys of barriers and their implications (Angela Hull, Heriot Watt University)

    Parallel Session - Developement of strategies:

    Specifying indicators (Greg Marsden, University of Leeds)

    Strategic option generation (Peter Jones, University College London)

    Strategic predictive modelling (Paul Pfaffenbichler, Technical University of Vienna)

    Parallel Session - Developement of schemes:

    Scheme option generation (James Paskins, University College London)

    Predictive modelling for schemes (Simon Shepherd, University of Leeds)

    Scheme appraisal (Matthew Page, University of Leeds)

    Parallel Session - Financing and institutional management:

    Guidance on financing (Charlotte Brannigan, TRL)

    Guidance on institutional management (John Forrester, Stockholm Environment Institute)

    Putting the DISTILLATE results into practice:

    The web based tool (John Forrester, Stockholm Environment Institute and Charlotte Brannigan, TRL)

    Feedback form - if you attended the workshop, please fill in and email to Julie Hipkin (j.hipkin@its.leeds.ac.uk)

    Appraisal Workshop (Project G)

    Held in Leeds in May 2007. Powerpoint presentations:

    Welcome (Professor Tony May, DISTILLATE Programme Director)

    Introduction to the G Project (Matthew Page, G Project Manager)

    Appraisal issues from Nottingham (David Jones, Nottingham City Council)

    The Regional Prioritisation Process (Mike Padgett, Yorkshire and Humberside Assembly)

    Product G2 workshop presentation (Dr Ann Jopson)

    Product G3 workshop presentation (Professor Peter Jones)

    Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (Hugh Gillies, Transport Scotland)

    Appraisal issues from a DfT perspective (Steve Grayson, DfT)

    Update on the Strategic Modelling Work in DISTILLATE (Professor Tony May)

    Product G4 and Future Plans for G (Matthew Page)

    Funding - LA Toolkit Workshop (Project E)

    Held in London in October 2006.

    Special Scottish Workshop

    Held in Edinburgh in April 2006.

    Option Generation and Appraisal Workshop (Project B)

    Held in London in March 2006.

    Indicators Workshop (Project C)

    Held in London in September 2005.

    Initial Survey Results Workshop (Project A)

    Held in London in January 2005.

    Launch Workshop

    Held in London in May 2004.

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